Week 8: Data, the Web and Datavisual

Today we will move from the desktop to the browser and discuss the reason for going to a digital environment when visualizing and interpreting data. We will talk first about the layout and design of the web using HTML (hypertext markup language) for content and CSS (cascading style sheets) for the style. We will also be covering using Datavisual for the web. We will be using glitch.com as a programming environment.

Lecture Slides

Video Tutorials

Example Code from Demo

Coding Example Assets

Guest Lecture
Surya Mattu from The Markup talks about how he works with data for journalistic purposes.

In Class Assignment / Homework

1. Create a simple webpage using HTML and CSS. The content of the webpage should be information about you, think of it as an about page. Please include at least one interactive Datavisual chart into this webpage. Be prepared to share the live app link (share (top left) > live app) in the Slack channel next class to share your creations with the rest of the class.
2. Watch the videos and go through the lecture slides for Week 9.

Helpful Links and Tutorials

HTML and CSS Book Website

Alternative Physical Data Visualization Option

Lecture Video


  1. Make a simple physical visualization out of found materials in your home.
  2. Visit the Queens College Makerspace, go through the safety training and take a tour.

Makerspace Video Tour