Week 11: JavaScript and D3

Today we will be continuing our discussion about JavaScript and will specifically be focusing on the D3 library which was created for interactive and animated data driven graphics for the web.

Example Data
More D3 Examples
Even More D3 Examples
Running a Local Server

Video Tutorial

Tutorial Example Code
Simple Bar Chart
Loading in CSV Data
Adding Margins
Adding Axis
Adding Animations with Transitions
Adding Hover States
Basic Pie Chart
Basic Column Chart


1. Decide what you want to do for your final project. This can be an interactive version of your midterm, a website around your personal data or a creative way to use data from APIs. You have to use at least one interactive Datavisual chart, one API connection or one d3js visualization. Feel free to use more, or all, of these options if you so please.
2. Come to Slack class next week with your idea solidified and present a creative brief (1 paragraph) of what you plan to create and the data you will be working with for your final.