Week 10: JavaScript and APIs

Today we will be using what we learned about JavaScript and jQuery to pull live data from other websites and databases using an API (Application Programming Interface). Pretty much every App or Website is pulling data from another service through an API. We will specifically focusing on APIs for Open WeatherMapbox and Giphy.


Video Tutorials

Example Code
Open Weather Map Simple Example
Mapbox Simple Example
Mapbox and Open Weather Map Example
Giphy Search Example
Giphy Clock Example

In Class / Homework

1. Explore the world of APIs. Think of a website or topic that you are interested in and try and find an open API where you can pull that data into your own website. Build a small website that pulls live data from the API you found.
2. Start to think about what you want to build for your final project. This can be an interactive version of your midterm, a website around your personal data or a creative way to use data from APIs.
4. Share your API project on the Slack channel next time we meet.
3. Watch the videos and review the lecture slides for Week 11, come to class with questions next week.

Alternative Physical Data Visualization Option

Lecture Video on Physical Visualizations using the 3D Printer


Using Illustrator create a design and export it as a SVG file. Upload the SVG file to Tinkercad and create a 3D version of it. Export the 3D version as a STL file and take it to the Makerspace to print it out on a 3D printer.